I am a frequent speaker and presenter at many schools across Sydney. I present to parents, teachers and students, and run workshops on internet, screen and gaming addiction.

I have developed a range of professional speaking seminars to assist schools. Some of the more popular options include:

Parent Seminar

“A Slow Road to Disconnected Children” 

In my clinic I routinely help families find a balance between healthy screen time and problematic overuse. This parent seminar will provide parents with the “psychological underpinnings” that drive the addictive nature of gaming, social media and online gambling. It will then arm parents with concrete strategies to manage screen time and common “trouble shooting” tips I have developed over years of working in the field of gaming and internet addiction. 

Student Workshop

“Healthy Internet Use”

Let’s face it; most children and teenagers are pretty resistant to anyone suggesting they need to reduce their screen time. I have developed a Student Seminar that emphasizes the “Traps” of Gaming and the tactics game and social media developers use to encourage us to keep playing. Armed with this information, I challenge young people to find a healthy balance in their screen time. 

School Staff and Teacher Training

Screen and internet use has seen a rapid rise in the increase in school refusal and behavioral difficulties in the last decade. Most Australian schools have increased their well-being and pastoral care programs to meet this demand and support parents in developing well rounded young people. Teachers and school staff are commonly at the “front line” when desperate and stressed parents are looking for help. I commonly provide training for school staff on how to best navigate these complex issues, so they can support their school community with strategies to manage internet and screen use. I also offer “brainstorming” sessions and works in tandem with school IT departments to help them keep up to date with the way children and teenagers are interacting with technology and how it can be best managed in the classroom and on school grounds. 

Contact me below to discuss what option would work best for your school or workplace. 

Links to some schools I have presented at over the years:


I work out of Northshore Kidspace in Chatswood. 

Suite 201, 54 Neridah St, Chatswood, NSW 2067


Ph: 02 8065 2705
Fax: 02 8065 2754


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